Why Love Is Like Football…

What an amazing and unpredictable season in the NFL it has been! Somehow I’ve been able to find a parallel between football and relationships, go figure! When you’re a fan, you suffer through bad times and the adrenaline rush- heart attack- exciting times, just like you do in real life relationships. So this is what inspired this post, Why Love is Like Football:

You punt the ball not knowing where it will land but just like your heart, you have to put it out there just to see how far it will go.

Sometimes the refs (outsiders) interfere with your game. (You can’t let the outside influences ruin your chances of being happy) Even if other people get in the way, just keep playing the game and doing the best you can. Real love trumps politics and drama. Talent & ability shine through and makes the ultimate comeback- so does Real Love.

In the worst of times, always stay loyal to your team (Your Partner). You learn the most about yourself and what your partner are made of when times are rough. Wouldn’t you want someone to stay by your side through thick and thin, in sickness and in health?

Sometimes you make mistakes (you fumble) it doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough to stay on the team. You have to recover the ball… whether it means apologizing or making the necessary changes & adjusting your strategy.

Winning his/her heart can sometimes be a ground and pound 65 yard drive where you get bloodied up…but when you get to the end zone, it’s worth it if he or she the One!

If you use the same old quarterback sneak play every time, things will get monotonous. Mix up the plays to keep the relationship exciting. Surprises are fun!

Sometimes if you try to be tricky & pull onside kick, it’ll backfire. Be honest always.

Yes, winning might be everything to you, but sometimes you lose and sometimes you have to compromise. Don’t be sore about it! Remember, hearts break open, not closed. It’s an opportunity to grow and come back victorious!

Leave a comment if you have love for the game.

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