What Does Commitment Mean?

Today I want to talk about commitment. It’s not a pretty word is it? It kind of makes me cringe a little to be honest. Commitment is scary because we might be making the wrong choice & giving ourselves to something that isn’t worth it in the end.

First, I think the most important thing is to trust your intuition always before you make any decision. Intuition is that deep inner voice that is beyond fear, beyond logic. There were many times in my life where I just *knew* something was wrong & forged ahead anyway because I felt like I couldn’t turn back because I was in too deep. You can press pause if you’re not sure of something. We are in fast forward mode when we indeed have access to other buttons. The trick is to know when you reached that point to where if you are doubting something so much, you either have to cross the threshold and go forth or drop it from your life completely. If you waffle on an issue too long, it’s because something is out of balance or maybe it’s just not right.

Commitment is a switch, you are either on or off. There is no maybe or in-between. You either jump in with fervor and enthusiasm or don’t jump at all because half-assed effort equals half-assed results. One of my biggest fears in committing to anything is that I will lose my freedom. The key is though, if you are committing to the *right* thing you are actually gaining freedom. So I think when you are trying to figure out what’s right for you, you have to ask the right questions. Am I making this choice out of fear? Or am I not making any choices because of fear? It’s good to take the time to write down your fears & weigh risk vs. reward.

Bottom line, the only way to truly get things done to commit. By not taking action, you may be locking yourself into stagnation. What will you commit to today so you can move closer to your dreams?

One Response to What Does Commitment Mean?

  1. Lisa says:

    I’ve been dealing with some commitment issues just today with regards to several projects I “should” be working on. The fact that they aren’t getting done might not be a sign of lack of time or creativity, but more a sign of lack of commitment.

    Sometimes knowing I’m simply not really committed is enough. It kind of gives me some clarity on what I might want to let go. Instead of a to do list, I might want to make a list of what I really feel inspired commitment for.

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