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Who can explain the strong desire to travel? Some people are born with gypsy blood in their veins. I’m one of them. I appreciate the comforts of home but really my deepest longing is for the road. We each all have that “thing” that makes us come alive. Life and responsibility keeps me from roaming where I want to go but I still make the effort to live out my these little dreams, even if it seems totally impossible. So far, I’ve been to quite a few states in the U.S.: NY, NH, MA, NC, NV, MS, IL, CA, TX, HI, NM, FL, UT, CO, just to name a few. I’ve lived in NJ, MD, SC, GA, and AZ. I’ve seen the Niagra Falls in Canada and the Redwood trees in the Muirwood forest of Northern California. I’ve been to several places in Egypt: Alexandria, Cairo, and inside the pyramid of Giza.

I have encountered quite a few people who share my wanderlust. We just naturally gravitate towards each other like kindred spirits. Truthfully, my deepest longing is to be close to the earth. I love rocks and mountains. Sitting on them, feeling their warmth under the sunlight, climbing on them like a child in a playground. I love how they are carved by water and shaped by time. They hold the memories of thousands of years. When I first arrived in Zion National Park in Utah, it was like someone had transported me to my personal rock heaven. I still pine over the Grand Canyon. I can not understand when people say it’s a hole in the ground. They just don’t see or feel what I feel. The majestic feeling is not something you can put into words.


I see these places as metaphors for how I want to feel consistently: limitless and open. That’s the feeling I get any time I climb up any kind of mountain, large or small. Whether it is Piestewa Peak in Phoenix or Humphrey’s Peak in Flagstaff, AZ (which is almost 13,000 ft. in elevation), I still get that same feeling. There’s a lot of beauty to take in. You don’t even have to travel outside of the country if you don’t want to. There’s so much to see in the United States alone. I’d eventually like to branch out into international travel and do so before I “retire”. I don’t want to wait until my bones are too achy to be on foot for hours, exploring new cities and sometimes rough terrain.

We are fortunate to live in a day and age when you have the opportunity to see the world. Is there a place you really want to go? Set the intention, make the budget, save up the cash, look for the deals, and GO! On my hit list for the future: Antelope Canyon/Lake Powell, Machu Picchu (Peru), and a coastal trip from California through Oregon all the way up to Washington state. Some day I will get there, I know it. Only one life, what is your travel dream?

All the best,

Rose Rising





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