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No, I haven’t been on a sabbatical in the jungle (although that sounds amazing). But I have been hiding away in a sense, working on a HUGE project. I’m expanding my business and opening an online boutique.hang tag sample

Perhaps it seems a little unrelated to everything that I’ve done before, but truly it is so up my alley that I had to go for it. Let me explain. After launching last year, I did a ton of introspection. Leaving my “corporate” job was very difficult for me because I had identified with it for so many years (and worked my butt off to climb the ranks), so I had to shed my skin and rediscover myself.  In that process, the idea came to start my own store to incorporate some of the things that I appreciate. It happened organically and so I ran with it. And when I say “ran with”, I mean I got straight-up obsessed!

But first, let’s take it back for a moment to 1987 or so. I was just a little girl playing at her grandma’s house. We didn’t have all the gadgets kids these days have, so as a child, I used my imagination. Gasp- imagine that! I used to draw fashions and create catalogs of them. I had a play (fake) phone and a small desk, so the phone would ring and I would take orders. I spent hours doing this, having a blast. I designed my own magazine covers, read voraciously through any books or magazines I could get my hands on, and made art. I absolutely loved clothes and all of the different ways you could create yourself with them. I experimented with every look possible: preppy, hippie, tomboy, goth, girlie girl, glamorous, you name it. I still have style schizophrenia. How wondrous that we are all multi-faceted by nature. You can try anything you want to.

For anyone that knows me, you would know that I love thrifting, especially for clothes. There is such a thrill of finding a gorgeous, unique piece at a good price. I have a true knack for this. I believe that fashion is just another way to express yourself. I’m not referring to hoity toity runway fashion, I’m referring to how you dress in your every day life. My goal is for you to be able to have some special items in your wardrobe and home that you totally adore, at an affordable price.

So what is the Rose Rising Shop all about? It consists of women’s pre-loved (which means previously owned) clothing and accessories of items that I have hand-selected, some of them are vintageAll of my items are in great condition and if there any imperfections, it is listed in the product description. I will be adding different “collections” as the seasons change. Most of my items are thrifted and a few are brand new, or were previously owned by me. I have a wide variety of brands in my store such as Banana Republic, J. Crew, Forever 21, Juicy Couture, Windsor, and VS PINK, just to name a few. There is also a section called “Random Treasures” which has some trinkets and interesting things for your home.

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I have so much inventory at this point, it’s been daunting to get everything up and posted. I am meticulous and want everything to be perfect. There is alot involved in creating this shop from the endless shopping, inspecting, repairing & cleaning the items, listing, steaming, weighing, styling, graphic design, and photography. When you’re a start-up, you do 10 jobs at one time. Not to mention, my office had to undergo a transformation and become a mini-warehouse.

My store is set to be opened in August 2014. I won’t be able to post every single item in my inventory just yet, otherwise you’d be waiting until the end of next year *laugh track*. My promise to you though: new items posted every Monday. What better way to kick a case of the Mondays to the curb? I’m just getting started so various other things will be added later on, like a gift option so you can send presents to your friends and family.  I will keep shipping costs as reasonable as I can. You’ll also be able to order Angel & Tarot card readings through the site.

For now, I’ll be keeping you updated. In the meantime, bookmark: When I open for business, I’ll be giving away some free prizes. If there are any particular items, brand, styles, or sizes that you are looking for, please let me know and I’ll hunt for them! Thanks for your support.

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