Letting Go of the Past

Let’s face it, moving on is sometimes the hardest thing to do. We might even cling to pain because it becomes so familiar, letting go means that we have to journey into uncharted territory and by default we are habitual creatures. With the year almost up, it’s expected to become sentimental and reflect on the past year. Right now is the time to take inventory. What’s working? What needs to go? Surely this year has brought you many blessings, some in disguise.

Anger can arise from focusing on what wasn’t accomplished. I have a tendency to do that and behind that tendency is a form of greed which can never be healthy. It means that you did not get “enough”. Well the good news is, tomorrow is another day. I am certain that every single one of you has grown in some shape or form in the past year. For me, 2011 was about getting down to what my true priorities in life are and getting down to zero in order to lay a new foundation. Especially financially, this year has not been the best and I know there are so many who know exactly what I’m talking about.

So I suggest you take the time to write 3 lists. List One will be to write down all of the blessings that 2011 has brought to you, that you would like to bring into 2012. List Two is what you’re needing to get rid of. After you’re done writing this one, the fun part is to burn it! List Three is the manifesting list. I’m personally going to take this one step further and do a vision board over a few glasses of champagne on New Year’s Eve.

A key piece here is to make sure you are completely over anything that might be holding you back from getting what you want. For example, if you want a new romantic relationship and you’re still pining over your ex, chances are that your baggage will create problems either now or later. I suggest that you kill the thoughtforms that keep you chained to the past first. A great way to do that would be to write a letter to your ex or whomever or whatever emotion you can’t let go of. It could apply to anyone, let’s say you’ve had some long term drama with a friend. Get everything out on paper: the good, the bad, the ugly. Say goodbye and burn it. Do this as many times as you need to until the thoughtform is gone so you can have peace.

If you didn’t have the greatest year but you’re still currently breathing and standing, you have another shot! On the contrary, if you conquered the world in 2011, maybe this upcoming year will be more about relaxing and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Let’s welcome in 2012 with a bang! I wish all of you an amazing, prosperous and healthy New Year!

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