Getting Organized Equals Success! G.O.E.S.

Are you wanting to bring some new energy into your life? The best way to tackle many important tasks at the same time is to first center yourself & get really organized. I find that I can manage a multitude of projects if I start from a place of order. Setting up some logical, small steps can turn any daunting project into something doable. Do you have a few projects that you’ve been wanting to do but never find the time? Get it down on paper first! There is something special about physically putting something in writing. It becomes more real when you put it down in front of you as opposed to entering it into your Iphone/Blackberry task list. A lot of people ask how I am able to handle my crazy schedule that involves full-time work and raising children, while trying to include some of the things that I truly value: traveling, fitness and creativity. Here are some suggestions:

Step One

Clear the clutter. This includes everything from your kitchen junk drawer down to the thousand emails in your inbox. I went through my email inbox and trashed 4000 emails while I archived everything that was important to me. I also sorted my household belongings into 3 piles: trash, to save for filing later and the last pile was for donations to library, Goodwill, etc. Also think of ways to minimize incoming clutter i.e. unsubscribe to spam, recycle junk mail right away, only purchase things you truly love and will use.

Step Two

Set Your Goals. I bought several different notebooks. Label each one, throw one in your back pocket, man satchel, purse, etc. :-) One book is for brainstorming & ideas. Another one is jot down the daily to-do list/grocery list. The 3rd book is to track spending. I decided that I need to budget better so my strategy is to track my expenses and use software like Quicken for the overall household budget. This way I can see where I am wasting money every month.

Step Three

Detox. Who drinks enough water every single day, takes all their vitamins and works out as often as they’d like to? Not even me! Get another notebook to write down your fitness, diet or health goals. I challenge you to keep a food diary, even if it’s just for a few days…you’ll see where you are getting a lot of unnecessary calories or where you might need to make some adjustments. Little changes go a long way. Being healthy means that you’ll have more energy to follow through on what you’re trying to accomplish.

I really hope this helps you at least get a jump start in the right direction! Feel free to share your experiences, leave a comment.

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