How to Recover from an “Emotional Hangover”


First off, what’s an emotional hangover? It’s a feeling of exhaustion that is triggered by an event, blended with possible depression, numbness or hopelessness, similar to the way you feel the morning after you’ve had too much tequila. Everyone gets an emotional hangover from time to time, so I’ll share some things you can do to bounce back.

Some of the events that might cause you to feel this way: a nasty fight with a loved one, receiving disappointing news, spending a ton of time and energy on a project only to have it fall through, or even just having an extra stressful day. This can leave you waking up the next day and feeling like you literally got the crap beat out of you. Feelings manifest in our bodies. Rather than brushing your feelings under the rug, only to have them rear their ugly head later, you have to work through it and you’ll be back to feeling like yourself again. Here’s how:

Set Boundaries

Spend time alone until you feel ready to mingle. It’s okay to take time in solitude to recuperate. This also means shutting off your phone and not feeling obligated to answer every call and email until you are ready to.

Smudge Yourself House

Burn some sage to clear the negativity off of yourself. Also burn sage throughout your home and open the windows. Let fresh air and light come through to purify it.

Employ Forgiveness

When forgiveness is mentioned, it’s often associated with forgiving others but what about forgiving yourself? If something was your fault, you could also ask for forgiveness or apologize when you feel like you’re ready but don’t wait too long. No one is perfect. Holding yourself or anyone else to the standard of perfection is unfair all around. For more severe issues, extra time may be needed to re-assess the direction your going and who you want in your life.


Take a Sea Salt Bath

Sea salt is great for purification and dispelling negativity energy. An added bonus, sea salt is alkaline so it lowers the acidity in your body. The removal of lactic acid will help with sore muscles too. So relax, light some candles, breathe and cry if you need to.

Allow Yourself Some Extra Rest

Emotions can be so powerfully draining. It’s okay to go to sleep early for a few nights. Forcing yourself to run on empty will only lead you to drive yourself further into the ground. Have trouble getting to bed early? Then try chamomile tea, or take some valerian root.

Above all, be gentle with yourself. I hope these tips are helpful & I look forward to your comments below!

All the best,

Rose Rising

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