Having a Vision Statement

Almost three years ago, I sat in a coffee shop for a few hours and decided to write out how I wanted life to look like. I felt dissatisfied at that time and knew I needed to get clear. So I separated each written section into different areas: relationships, finance, home, health, fitness, and even how I felt about myself. I was incredibly descriptive with what it was that I wanted but I also included how I wanted to feel, the most important part. I recently came across what I wrote years ago to find that a lot of things turned out exactly as I had written them.

Everything starts with a vision.

When I think of Rose Rising, I think of leadership, being reborn in a sense of re-inventing oneself, and fulfilling passion. Rose Rising is a foundation where people can go to become stronger and realize what is stopping them so they can remove it and experience joy…the type of joy that you feel when you are in love, when you are holding a child, when you’ve completed a marathon. It’s that feeling when everything is all*right. It can even be when you are cleaning the house and you’re in that zone of completely being in the moment when a burst of joy comes through. That moment of gratitude where you can say, “hey, I’m really glad to be here today.” Total mindfulness is possible even in a world of distractions and challenges.

A majority of the time, the one thing that’s standing in between you and your joy is YOU.

Sometimes we simply need to remove bad habits from our lives. It takes time to get them there in the first place so it’ll take time to deconstruct them. Other times, we might need to dig deep and heal from bad experiences that have scarred us. Everything takes effort though and it’s much easier when we can work together to co-create and heal. We’re all trying to figure out this “human game”. How do we master it? There is no reason to try to figure everything out on your own, in isolation, when there is support to help get you where you want to go. That’s what Rose Rising is all about.

On a larger scale we are a creative network of people, a web, working together as each person does their own individual work. Part of being able to help others is being able to shine so others can learn to shine too. And the cycle goes on and on. It’s like being a torch and being able to light the next fire.

What is your mission statement? What is your vision for your life?


2 Responses to Having a Vision Statement

  1. Lisa says:

    I heard someplace last week the difference between a dream and a vision is a plan.
    I really love this quote, “A majority of the time, the one thing that’s standing in between you and your joy is YOU.”
    It kind of reminds me the only thing I really need to plan for is my joy.

  2. Kind of how Gabby Bernstein says that the Universe has your back, it’s going to be okay.

    I completely agree with the both of you, being specific about your vision is what leads to it eventually becoming a reality. So let’s share our guidance to turn our collective dreams into a reality!

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