Getting Closure: How to Celebrate the Endings


Halloween, also known as “Samhain”, is the end of the year in several traditions. The wheel of the earth’s cycle has turned fully, as the trees shed their leaves, we see the impermanence of life all around us. The only certainty there is, is change.

Although we may feel a pang in our hearts when things come to an end, what about choosing to celebrate the endings instead of only acknowledging the beginnings? Acknowledging the “endings” and fully coming to terms which them, allows us to fully enjoy the new things. It’s too difficult to walk the path of life with one foot in the past and one foot in the future because that means you constantly miss the beauty of now.surrender

How have you changed this year? What have you shed or is there still some shedding to do? We can learn a lot from animals…think of the snake that sheds their skin. They can never go back and put the old skin on, it would never fit. The skin disintegrates into pieces and it simply is impossible to put back together. The snake slithers forward with a shiny, gleaming coat.

One way to acknowledge an ending is through a ritual. Rituals need not to be religious. Rituals prepare the mind to get in line with the heart so we can bring meaning to an event, get closure on a passing, or signify the end of a phase. Rituals need not be complicated; they can be a dance, a prayer, a meditation. You can use candles or photos or food, or nothing at all. What do you need to honor right now?

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!

All the best,

Rose Rising


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