Finding Inspiration When You’re Lost…

I hear many people say lately that they feel completely lost and uninspired. We all get like this at times, it’s part of the natural ebb and flow of life. When we feel empty, the bright side is that we are in the realm of possibility. What are some practical steps to take when you feel lost? The answer is to identify what it is that you truly value in life. Write down what your top 3 values are. Is your life in alignment with these values? If not, sit with it and see if there are some things that you can re-arrange. For example, if “family” is your number one value and you work eighty hours a week, perhaps see if there is a way for this to be altered to align to what you truly are. What you value defines who you are as long as your values are supported by your actions. Whether you are intrinsically or extrinsically motivated does not matter, what matters is that you are making choices which satisfy what you feel is most important to you.

I also have some insight for the un-inspired. I have this wall-hanging in my home that says, “I don’t know what inspiration is, but when it comes I hope it finds me working.”~ Pablo Picasso  If you haven’t been able to locate that inner fire lately, could even be for a business project, an idea for a painting, or even a fitness goal, here are some suggestions:

  • Get moving~ Physical activity is good way to get your gears going, even it means walking around the block.
  • Get into nature~ Nothing like a good dose of mother nature to get you in the moment & re-focused.
  • Feed yourself~ By this I mean immerse yourself in books, try new music, perhaps explore different cultural activities, anything to shift perspective.
  • Surround yourself with fellow creative & supportive people~ Watch the company you keep for the people you spend time with have a direct effect on your energy levels & ideas.
  • Expand your social circle~ Branch out and make new friends.
  • Re-arranging your physical space~ Move your belongings around in your home, employ feng shui, change it up!
  • Learn to enjoy simple pleasures~ We don’t always have to be doing something. Sit in your space of non-activity and embrace it.
  • Write a list of your gifts or talents that you have~ Find new ways to employ them.

Stop for a moment and enjoy the little gifts around you...

We can’t always be creating and conquering all the time. It’s one of the toughest things I’ve had to learn myself. Love the pause, for the time will come when you’ll be back to productivity again.

Yours Truly,


2 Responses to Finding Inspiration When You’re Lost…

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