What Life Coaching Is…

Life Coaching is a tool that people can utilize to move forward in their lives. Most people can use improvement in at least one area of their life, whether it’s in the personal arena (relationships, personal development, health, finances, spirituality) or professional (career, business) arena. Some will find that they want to make huge transformations, while others minor shifts. Coaching is a highly intuitive practice.

What I Do…

As a transformational life coach, I will help you access the answers you need to be successful. I believe that everyone has amazing potential. I honor and respect all of my clients. My commitment to you is that I will hold you in positive focus at all times and allow you the space to grow. I guarantee you will walk away with something more than what you came with. Depending on your specific needs, I sometimes incorporate the use of tarot, numerology and also do herbal medicine consultations if you are struggling with your health. My goal is to help you reach wellness in your mind, body and spirit.

What Life Coaching is NOT…

Life Coaching is not therapy or counseling. In our sessions, the focus will be on the now and how to move forward, whereas in therapy there may be a large emphasis on the past.

Do you work with children and teenagers?

Yes, I do. Coaching is a great tool for children and teens to have some focused goal setting so they can be fully prepared for the challenges of adulthood. It’s a great investment for their future. I use similar tools that I use with adults but adjusted to fit their “language”.

How are the sessions done?

I can do the sessions over the phone or in person, your choice. A typical session can range from 45 to 60 minutes.

How much do the sessions cost?

The charge for the first session is $50. Every session thereafter is $100. If you are currently unemployed or facing financial hardship, please email me and we will work something out. I will not turn someone away in these difficult financial times we are facing. I accept payments through PayPal. I also offer packages where if you purchase multiple sessions at one time, you’ll get a discount.

***You can always email me if you have specific questions about products & services at: email me here


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