A Showdown with Your Fear


Are your fears eating you alive?

With time being the only precious commodity you can’t replace, don’t let fear consume your time, your efforts, and your dreams. I know it’s easier said than done, but listen up!

Any time we start any new ventures whether it’s a relationship, business, or creative project, there is an initial rush of excitement. Then as we progress, the naysayers in our life along with the naysayers in our own head start to creep in and slowly take over and we can become immobilized in the process.

Then we make decisions from this scared and frantic place, which turn into panicked decisions. The line between our intuition and our fear becomes murky. We shoot in the dark, in all directions, trying to desperately reach the right answer or the right action to take next. Operating from fear can quickly sink any ship.

There are a number of ways to nip these fears in the bud, or at the very least, silence them so you can listen to your inner guide and make better choices going forward. Have a dual with your fears and counterpunch them.


Stop for a moment and listen to your thoughts. What are you saying to yourself? Within your internal dialogue you might find some nasty fears which are false or limiting beliefs . These beliefs squelch any chance of success even before you get started.

I invite you to write every fear down, even if it’s not related to the project or new venture that you’re working on. Next, start a fire! As in, literally burn your list of fears and as you do it say, “I lovingly release my fears. I make decisions from a place of clarity and love.”  Any time a fear crops up, say this affirmation or you can create your own.

Another method you can try is creating an opposite thought of your fear. For example, let’s say your inner voice is telling you, “I’m just not creative enough to find ways to do this.” Instead of letting this thought run rampant, you can counterpunch this with, “I’m wildly creative and I can always find new ways to approach challenges.” Just open your mind a little bit. Maybe the truth is that you don’t have a creative bone in your body, however, by making this statement you invite the energies that you are seeking to come to you rather than shutting down possibilities all together, make sense?

In the example, the creative ideas might not directly come from you, but the right resources or people come to you at the right time. There are multiple channels for getting things done, but you have to stay connected to possibility. Fear creates an impenetrable wall between you and your objectives.

Now go tackle your fear and let me know the results. Even in identifying them, you’ll start to feel better…more self-aware.

All the best,

Rose Rising

4 Responses to A Showdown with Your Fear

  1. Sarah says:

    This is just what I needed to hear today! Im in a place where Ive just crossed over the threshold into a new life and today is the first day I have had to sit and reflect – and feeling a little bit of fear creeping in – but this post just reaffirmed my dedication to my objectives. Thank you!

    • Rose Rising says:

      You’re very welcome! Thank you for reading. I totally get what you’re saying, when we sit still, we’re forced to look at our thoughts. We can’t escape them but remember to breathe. Keep going!

  2. Leila says:

    Excellent discover within myself, as I read how to handle “FEAR”. Instead of thinking of “FEAR” in a negative fashion, release it, and it becomes a positive source, and teacher. Thank you!

  3. The sentence where you say, “We shoot in the dark, in all directions, trying to desperately reach the right answer or the right action to take next,” screams me. I was toiling between self-employment and finding a 9-to-5 job. I spent so much of my time sending out resumes and researching starting-up that I never had enough time for either. It wasn’t until I let go of one path that the other started to blossom.

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