Challenges Are Blessings!

I recently fully embraced the concept that we are meant to experience a great deal of pleasure in our lives and that we can consciously choose to learn lessons through joy, rather than pain. I choose to be joyful because it’s my birthright. I now have gratitude for all the things that troubled me because […]

Getting Organized Equals Success! G.O.E.S.

Are you wanting to bring some new energy into your life? The best way to tackle many important tasks at the same time is to first center yourself & get really organized. I find that I can manage a multitude of projects if I start from a place of order. Setting up some logical, small […]

Finding Inspiration When You’re Lost…

I hear many people say lately that they feel completely lost and uninspired. We all get like this at times, it’s part of the natural ebb and flow of life. When we feel empty, the bright side is that we are in the realm of possibility. What are some practical steps to take when you feel […]

Your Relationship With Money…

It’s amazing how much of our life revolves around money. What is your relationship with money? Is it healthy? Money is energy. It flows. It can allow us great freedom and lack of it, strips us of our dreams. Some things to look at: Are you careless with your budget? Were you raised with the […]

Letting Go & Allowing Abundance

First of all, Happy August! Today was Lammas which was “the early harvest”. It’s a time when the grain begins to ripen and we can start to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Before we can harvest anything though, we have to create space. If we do not let certain things go in our lives […]

The greatest gift is of Healing…

If there is anything I can be thank*full for in life lately, it’s that I have been able to heal. Human beings are so amazing. My definition of Healing: it means that no matter what happens to us…we have the capacity to move forward. Isn’t that beautiful? It means that we are given a second […]

Love the Earth, Love Yourself

Nowadays, being “green” is the new trend. However, I remember that when I was a child, I felt the deep need to protect and honor the environment. There are many simple, no-hassle ways to make a difference. Alot of people feel like one person can’t have a major impact. This is totally untrue. Think of […]

My Essay on Creativity

I wrote this short essay about a month or so ago. It is deeply personal but I feel like it is meant to be shared: Creativity is a beacon of light for me in my darkest hour. As a young girl in the midst of family chaos, I snuck away to my little healing box […]

My Magical Meeting with SARK!

Last night, I met the very lovely SARK. She was doing a booksigning at a local bookshop called Changing Hands in Tempe. SARK has been such a wonderful influence in my life. I have most of her books, been a fan for many years, and am a loyal member of her Marvelous Message Board. She […]

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