Letting Go of the Past

Let’s face it, moving on is sometimes the hardest thing to do. We might even cling to pain because it becomes so familiar, letting go means that we have to journey into uncharted territory and by default we are habitual creatures. With the year almost up, it’s expected to become sentimental and reflect on the past […]

Stop complaining, it’s not that bad.

I think it’s time to really pour my heart out because maybe it will do some good… I’ve gotten into the habit of reading the news every morning. I took a break for awhile from it because I’m an “empath”. Translation: I’m ridiculously sensitive. I couldn’t help but to return back to it. Is ignorance […]

Hitting the Reset Button

I’m in awe that 2011 has flown by like lightning. We have a solid two months remaining at this point, most of which will be dedicated to holiday activities. Towards the end of the year, it’s normal to reflect and along with that comes the guilt of not having saved the world. Let’s scratch out […]

How to Manifest

There’s a lot of talk these days about “Law of Attraction” and positive thinking. What used to be “magical thinking” is now widely accepted as a normality thanks to writers like Eckhart Tolle and movies like The Secret. Whether or not you consciously employ the Law of Attraction, it never hurts to think positively and […]

Challenges Are Blessings!

I recently fully embraced the concept that we are meant to experience a great deal of pleasure in our lives and that we can consciously choose to learn lessons through joy, rather than pain. I choose to be joyful because it’s my birthright. I now have gratitude for all the things that troubled me because […]

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