How to Get Started on Spring Cleaning

Merry Vernal Equinox! Hopefully this means no more snow and a fresh start. It also means it’s Spring Cleaning time, one of my favorite parts of the year. Yes, it’s tedious, there’s no denying it but there are so many benefits to clearing your space. If you need a plan, I have some simple guidelines […]

Owning Your Success

What I find perplexing is that many of the people I’ve encountered in my life are more afraid of success than they are of failure. Why is this? If you feel like you’re among those that fear success, let’s examine why and how to move past it, so this way you can enjoy your victories, […]

Making a Meaningful Day

  Every single day of your life matters. In this new year, I challenge you to give each day meaning, instead of letting the day dictate to you how life is going to go. I challenge you to build your life around the things that are important to you…is it friends, family, nature, fitness, creativity, […]

How to Beat the Holiday Blues

  Feeling a little down or perhaps extremely overwhelmed, especially around this time of year? Guess what, you are completely and totally NORMAL. Go ahead, take a deep breath. A lot of people out there are feeling the exact same way you are. Not many will admit that the holidays can drive people into depression, […]

How Life Coaching Can Work For You

Life Coaching is becoming more popular, however, it is still obscure to some people. There are some that still don’t know what a Life Coach does, so it’s difficult to see what the benefits might be. Let me break this down for you. You’ll discover an amazing tool that is available to you. Being human […]

A Showdown with Your Fear

  Are your fears eating you alive? With time being the only precious commodity you can’t replace, don’t let fear consume your time, your efforts, and your dreams. I know it’s easier said than done, but listen up! Any time we start any new ventures whether it’s a relationship, business, or creative project, there is […]

5 Ways to Have an Better Autumn

The change of the season is a perfect checkpoint. With Fall underway, it’s an opportunity to go within. I love the Fall not only because of the obvious (the air gets crisp & everything is pumpkin flavored), but because it feels like the right time to be introspective. If you look back on 2013 so […]

Having a Vision Statement

Almost three years ago, I sat in a coffee shop for a few hours and decided to write out how I wanted life to look like. I felt dissatisfied at that time and knew I needed to get clear. So I separated each written section into different areas: relationships, finance, home, health, fitness, and even […]

6 Signs: How to Tell if You’re on the Right Career Path

One of the biggest choices you’ll make in life is your career path. In this lifetime, it’s pretty common for people to make at least four or five major transitions from one job to another, unlike older generations who stayed with the same company for most of their life. Perhaps you’ve spent a lot of […]

What Does Commitment Mean?

Today I want to talk about commitment. It’s not a pretty word is it? It kind of makes me cringe a little to be honest. Commitment is scary because we might be making the wrong choice & giving ourselves to something that isn’t worth it in the end. First, I think the most important thing […]

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