How to Beat the Holiday Blues

  Feeling a little down or perhaps extremely overwhelmed, especially around this time of year? Guess what, you are completely and totally NORMAL. Go ahead, take a deep breath. A lot of people out there are feeling the exact same way you are. Not many will admit that the holidays can drive people into depression, […]

Accepting Yourself As You Are

  Where does the feeling of “I’m not good enough” come from? I’ve discovered through teaching and coaching that there is this pervasive feeling in people of not being worthy and not being enough. It’s amazing that when I ask teen girls what they like about themselves, they almost have nothing to say and have to think […]

How to Recover from an “Emotional Hangover”

  First off, what’s an emotional hangover? It’s a feeling of exhaustion that is triggered by an event, blended with possible depression, numbness or hopelessness, similar to the way you feel the morning after you’ve had too much tequila. Everyone gets an emotional hangover from time to time, so I’ll share some things you can do to […]

Resilience: What Happens the Day After 9/11?

What can we take with us from all of the tragedies in the world? We don’t want to dwell, for dwelling is counterproductive. However, when something tragic happens, it’s a learning opportunity. From time to time, we need to remember the cold, harsh realities around us in order to shift our perspective back into gratitude. […]

Saying Goodbye

One of the hardest and final parts of doing my major purging is confronting my old photographs. I’ve been lugging around so much stuff for years. Why, in fact, did I insist on holding on? My inner voice says, “Look at your garbage before you throw it away, literally and figuratively.” Your past doesn’t define […]

Simplicity Is Awesome

Was January the most amazing month for you? Did you learn anything new? I think we all come out of the gate thrashing at the beginning of the year with big hopes and dreams like:  I’m going to get six pack abs, start a company, travel to Europe, eat healthy every single day, be more […]

How to deal with betrayal

Everyday we are faced with tough choices. Whether God exists or not, it’s really irrelevant because we are gifted with free will. If you are a fortunate enough person to be born into a situation or family where your basic human needs are provided for, you have a good shot at life. Not everyone gets […]

The greatest gift is of Healing…

If there is anything I can be thank*full for in life lately, it’s that I have been able to heal. Human beings are so amazing. My definition of Healing: it means that no matter what happens to us…we have the capacity to move forward. Isn’t that beautiful? It means that we are given a second […]

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