How to Get in Your “Zone”

I must be honest with you, I have the attention span of a spider monkey on amphetamines. Ok, maybe that a little bit of an exaggeration but I really have trouble focusing. I feel like it hinders me tremendously to the point of tears but I’ve learned a few ways to manage it rather than […]

21 Ways to Get Creativity Flowing

Feeling a little stuck lately? Here are a few ideas to get you out of the same routine…click below: Let me know how these work for you!

Finding Inspiration When You’re Lost…

I hear many people say lately that they feel completely lost and uninspired. We all get like this at times, it’s part of the natural ebb and flow of life. When we feel empty, the bright side is that we are in the realm of possibility. What are some practical steps to take when you feel […]

My Essay on Creativity

I wrote this short essay about a month or so ago. It is deeply personal but I feel like it is meant to be shared: Creativity is a beacon of light for me in my darkest hour. As a young girl in the midst of family chaos, I snuck away to my little healing box […]

My Magical Meeting with SARK!

Last night, I met the very lovely SARK. She was doing a booksigning at a local bookshop called Changing Hands in Tempe. SARK has been such a wonderful influence in my life. I have most of her books, been a fan for many years, and am a loyal member of her Marvelous Message Board. She […]

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