Love is for the Brave

Nothing puts you in a more vulnerable position then bearing your soul to someone else. When you take that step to live with someone, you get to know their every habit and quirk possible. Secrets are harder to sustain. You still have secrets. But some of them may slip out or eventually be discovered unintentionally.

True intimacy is not just about sex and romance. Intimacy is getting to the core and seeing the truth of the person before your eyes. Sometimes other people have this habit of pointing out things we don’t want to see in our selves. Somehow they become the “bad guy” but really they are just holding up the mirror. Relationship is opportunity for self-awareness. It has the potential to help us fix what was broken and to grow into becoming our best selves. It’s not easy, but the benefits are enormous.

With time invested into a relationship, the issue of commitment arises too. When someone doesn’t fully commit to you 100%, it has the potential to be a breeding ground for insecurities. With the lack of commitment, the seed of doubt is planted and issues of self-worth can arise. Even if their lack of being able to commit has absolutely nothing to do with you and has to do with their own issues, it still raises some cause for concern. It’s not okay to equate self-worth with how someone else feels about us. More work needs to be done, more looking within.

But in order to find the greatest and deepest love, there has to be a willingness to be honest and revealing. You have to be okay with putting in the effort and with being fragile from time to time. The love you receive and give is in direct proportion to the depth and the height of how open you allow yourself to be. It’s an act of surrender. It means surrendering to the fact that some days, you will indeed be wrong. Some days, you will have to apologize. Some days, you will have to shelve yourself to elevate your beloved. Some days, you will have to be at your worst and be okay with someone else seeing that. Every day, stay close to the source, stay close to love. This is where you can say yes to happiness. If you lie or doubt or constantly seek control, you cut yourself off from the source.

To show up every day in a relationship and do the best you can is an act of bravery. To constantly reveal yourself, to share your body, your thoughts, your time with someone is truly a sacred act. If you value yourself and your time, then you should be with someone who equally does or even more.

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