Accepting Yourself As You Are


Where does the feeling of “I’m not good enough” come from?

I’ve discovered through teaching and coaching that there is this pervasive feeling in people of not being worthy and not being enough. It’s amazing that when I ask teen girls what they like about themselves, they almost have nothing to say and have to think really hard about it. It’s too long of a road ahead to start off that way.

I believe there are a number of factors that have led us to believe something that is not true. It could be societal and cultural. It could come from the way we were raised. Especially in America, with the obsession with celebrities and emphasis on achieving and acquiring, it’s no wonder we can be left to feel like we are not whole. There’s always more to get. There’s one step closer we can take to perfection. And yet in the pursuit of perfection, it’s possible to break down.

Things are not always as they seem. This should be of comfort to you as you stare at the airbrushed model in the magazine and secretly envy your neighbor who seems to have “everything”.  This world is full of illusions where everything is set up to trigger you to consume, to spend money on things that help you achieve this elusive perfection. How many people end up in massive debt over things they don’t use or need because they felt they had to get and pursue when they weren’t ready yet?

What is special about you? I hate to be cliché, but the truth is, I can guarantee you are unique with your own story and set of abilities. There are people around you who will recognize this but the most important thing is that you recognize this. Wherever you are at in your life is its’ own perfection. Maybe you’ve decided to lose weight, go back to school, end a relationship, or totally change career paths.  Everyone begins and ends somewhere.

I invite to take a look at where your feelings come from when the thought arrives in your head that you’re not good enough.  Have a conversation with others that you trust about this feeling. You’ll find that you’re not the only one. It’s in the conversations that healing begins. Let’s hit the reset button. Let’s take some pressure off of ourselves. Let’s stand in the beauty of where we are at right now instead of where we are going and what we are getting.

Today’s affirmation: I honor where I’m currently at in my life. I am already whole.



I look forward to your comments below!

All the best,

Rose Rising


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