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Rose Rising is a Certified Life Coach, Minister, Intuitive Consultant, WDSC_0954 - Copyriter, “Passionista” and parent. She was born and raised in NJ but now currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Rose served active duty Army for 4 years and upon leaving, studied Visual Communications and Business Management upon which she received her Bachelor’s degree.

A natural born psychic medium, she started studying metaphysics at the early age of 7. She is a lover of nature & spirituality, which is evident in her work. Rose specializes in working with people to create healthier, more fulfilling lives. Some of her passions include hiking and traveling.

Some additional certifications & credentials:

Advanced Mediumship Certification- Imagine Spirit, Dr. Carol Nicholson

Registered Minister- First Nation Ministry

Wedding & Ceremonial Officiant

Herbal Studies Certificate- SW Herb, Mesa AZ.

Reiki Master Practitioner

Volunteer Teaching Art K-8- Mesa Arts Academy Charter School

Holistic Therapy Training- School of Natural Health Sciences U.K., currently attending

Received 1 Army Commendation Medal & 2 Army Achievement Medals for outstanding service

Non-Profit Charity Director/CEO for Millennial Charity Foundation, Inc.

My Spiritual Beliefs

I get asked this a lot in my line of work, “What are your spiritual or religious beliefs?” Here it is: I do not subscribe to any specific religion because I feel that all faiths have some truth in them. I believe that people should respect one another, regardless of differences and try to see the beauty in what each faith teaches. Every human being is unique and has their own pathway to God- the Universe- whatever you may call it. My family background was a blend of Catholic, Buddhist, and Atheist. As a child, I voraciously read through any kind of spiritual books I could get my hands on, searching for answers. Yet I also really appreciated science too. My general conclusion, is that the purpose of spirituality is to have a deeper awareness of yourself and your surroundings. I believe that some people have special gifts, that when utilized, can bring healing and help to those who need it.

One of my deepest connections is with Native American Shamanism and I was mentored for several years by a Cherokee/Blackfoot Shaman. I also believe in an Afterlife despite that I am skeptical by nature and always question everything. A little bit of skepticism keeps you aware and on your toes. At this point in my life, I’ve had so many experiences that could not be explained by science, which have diminished my doubts about what happens after we leave our physical bodies. My love in life is helping people connect- to themselves, to others, to the universe, so they can find peace and fulfill their potential.

I’m always open to mutually respectful dialogue and consider myself to be a lifelong student. You can never stop learning or growing. Every day is an opportunity for growth.












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