6 Signs: How to Tell if You’re on the Right Career Path

One of the biggest choices you’ll make in life is your career path. In this lifetime, it’s pretty common for people to make at least four or five major transitions from one job to another, unlike older generations who stayed with the same company for most of their life.

Perhaps you’ve spent a lot of time soul-searching and experimenting with different careers and maybe you’ve even invested in expensive schooling, only to find that what you thought would be the perfect fit was not the right choice for you and your abilities or true interest. Or maybe you’ve evolved out of your current position and now ready to tackle something new. Sometimes we have to go through a series of different jobs to prepare us for what our real life mission is and by defining what we don’t want, we find what we DO want and what we are passionate about. You just might have to make sure that your skill set is broad and fully refined enough to position yourself to do the work that you are truly supposed to do. So if you’ve recently decided on a new path but are still a little hesitant to move full force ahead, I’ve outlined some great indicators that you should keep going and pursuing your dreams:

1) It’s been there all along. Think back to your childhood. What did you most love? What hobbies were you drawn to? Anything that has been with you since the beginning, is unlikely to completely fade. Your early interests are still with you and your career should incorporate them. If you’re unsure, take a moment to reflect on what you truly enjoyed as a child and write them down. These are clues!

2) You’re able to get obsessed with it. If you can think about it day and night, without getting bored or tired of it, then that’s a great indicator you’re on the right path. This boils down to PASSION. A true passion does not fizzle out. The excitement stays with you after days, months, years have passed.

3) When you think about it, it makes you smile. Pause and take a moment to close your eyes and take the feeling of whatever career path you’re choosing into your tummy. When you do this, do feel a calm and happy feeling or some confusion? Your feelings are a great indicator of whether or not the path is good for you.

4) It complements the lifestyle the you want to live. Depending on the career you choose, it can either complement or be in total conflict with the kind of lifestyle you want to live. Let’s say if you have a family, would this career choice support your family (not just in a monetary sense), but would it allow you to have balance in your life all around? This is definitely something that needs to be considered. Also, is it in alignment with your personal growth by fitting who you are now and allowing space to continually learn?

5) You’re proud to say that you do it. When you tell others what you do, you can feel good about it, not in bragging sense but in a down-to-earth way. If you feel shame around the work that you’re doing, even if you enjoy it, the shame will put a damper on your overall happiness. It’s gratifying to be able to take pride in what you do.

6) If you won the lottery, you’d still do it anyway. Let’s say you hit a windfall one day, you’d still continue to work on this career path. That truly means that you love it and there’s a form of dedication. You’d even do it for free. We obviously need to make money, but if you have genuine love for the path you’re on even if it has yet to bear fruit, keep going!


All in all, be honest with yourself. Ask if this path is in true alignment with you who are today. Blessings to you on your journey! Please share your comments.


3 Responses to 6 Signs: How to Tell if You’re on the Right Career Path

  1. Mark O'Flahavan says:

    This is so grounding and haunting in a good way meaning these words comfort and fortify – they will never leave until i become these words. Tonight I will sleep a King’s sleep. Leaving Sessions on my own terms is lifting a great weight. Now, to my PASSION! Dammit! I had my pen here, right here… : ) thanks Rose and for everything over this crazy year and still counting.

  2. Steve says:

    I love the insight your post provides. I think the hardest part about finding what it is that truly makes me happy is getting past all the facades and things that others/society have “programmed” with as far as what happiness is and getting through to the core of what my REAL interests are and what REALLY ignites my passion. For me, I’m learning its not necessarily how big the $ or high ranking the title and though I’m still discovering what strikes that cord, your 6 signs give me some great indicators to look for as I continue my search…….

  3. I noticed that sometimes we might question a career path or passion even if it is what we truly want, because we haven’t taken time for ourselves. Burn out can make any passion look like a chore. So I would also recommend some much needed siestas from time to time. Great Article Rose!

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