Simplicity Is Awesome

Was January the most amazing month for you? Did you learn anything new? I think we all come out of the gate thrashing at the beginning of the year with big hopes and dreams like:  I’m going to get six pack abs, start a company, travel to Europe, eat healthy every single day, be more social, volunteer, etc, etc. Then before you know it, the inevitable crash and burn comes in because we’ve overloaded our plate and the balance of life has been thrown off. By mid-February, 80% of American’s resolutions are abandoned and there is a degree of guilt that goes with that. Abandon guilt and adopt pacing. Houses are built one brick at a time.

For the past 3 months, I’ve been battling sickness. I have honestly maybe felt like my normal self for about 4 solid days. I have a chronic bronchitis/flu that has been rendering me incapable of my normal super woman feats. Sickness has roots in the emotional self and stress plants really nasty seeds that take a long time to uproot. I’ve been plugging along every day, working full time, trying to go to the gym even though I barely have energy. Then I have days like today, where I just can’t move. I was leveled out to zero.

But I can tell you that there is something valuable and beautiful in feeling like total hell and not being at 100%. First, you realize what you take for granted, like being able to breathe normally every day. Second, the simple things become heaven like enjoying a steamy bowl of soup, snuggling in bed with my favorite blanket and actually getting to sit still for a moment. The simple things like laughing and reading to my children, going for a walk on a gorgeous day, getting up a little earlier to slowly enjoy a cup of coffee, talking to a friend that I haven’t connected with in a while… these are such little things but they are so grand. So maybe I didn’t accomplish “tasks” this month but on another level, I gained so much more. I’m learning to slow down a little, love a whole lot deeper than I ever have and savor the small gifts that life gives every day. If we forget simplicity, life will make sure we are jolted into remembering.

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